We specialize in providing quality transmission repair San Antonio. We also provide quality transmission rebuild San Antonio services along with transmission rebuilds. Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, fluid leakage or slipping gears, we offer diagnosis and transmission repair for a quick and easy fix. The employees at Gene Brown’s Transmission in San Antonio, TX are trained to quickly spot any problems with your transmission as well as repair them for the best transmission repair in San Antonio. We even do foreign transmission repair. Transmission repair San Antonio doesn’t mean you will have to give up quality. Quality is our top priority.

Carburetor Repair in San Antonio | Clutch Repair & Transmission Repair

A bad carburetor means a bad engine. If you’re a San Antonio resident in need of carburetor repair, clutch repair, or transmission repair visit Total Care Automotive today!
A bad carburetor means a bad engine. At Total Care Automotive, knowing your carburetor is but one of the specialty services we provide to our customers in the San Antonio area.

What is the Carburetor?

The carburetor has been around since the inception of the internal combustion engine, and has undergone relatively little adaptation since. In short, the function of it is to give the engine the right mixture of fuel and air, resulting in a combustion that maximizes potential energy but is controllable. The carburetor was replaced with direct fuel injecting and the catalytic converter in the late 1980’s in an attempt by the United States to reduce the auto industry’s carbon footprint. What that means is many younger mechanics will be inexperienced or unfamiliar with the technology associated with the carb and the delicate process of cleaning, fixing, and maintaining it.
So when your clunker needs routine maintenance, you might want to be aware that some repair shops are more equipped to deal with older cars than others. The mechanics at Total Care Automotive are well versed in the dealings of aged vehicles. With us, San Antonio residents can be rest assured that their automobile is in the hands of experienced professionals, no matter the age, make, or model. The carburetor is a key component of a transmission repair and a clutch repair.

What To Look For

There are many signs that your carburetor might need cleaning, maintenance, or replacement. Below are a few of the major signs:

  • If you’ve noticed that your vehicle is getting less miles-to-the-gallon than previously observed, it might mean that your float valve (the part of the carburetor that regulates fuel intake and outtake) is miscalculated
  • If you have trouble starting your car at all
  • If your car hesitates or “stumbles” while accelerating, it may be a sign that your carburetor is dirty and needs cleaning

What We Do

At Total Care Automotive, our technicians will give you an honest-to-goodness analysis of your vehicle, tell you what specifically needs work, and give you a free estimate. We offer promotions including $50 off every repair over $300, and since all of our mechanics are ASE-certified, our customers can be at ease in the knowledge that their automobile is in the right hands no matter what the problem is.

Come by today for a free diagnostics test and external inspection with every repair. Find us online or visit us at our location in greater San Antonio.

Fuel Injections | Auto Repair Shop

If you’re in need an experienced auto repair shop in San Antonio, call or visit Total Care Automotive today!
Although we are a full-service auto repair shop, fuel injection services are one of our specialties here at Total Care Automotive of San Antonio. All modern vehicles in the United States today have been made with fuel injection systems, and they are a vital part of making any vehicle run correctly. Before fuel injections, vehicles used complex, five-circuit carburetors. Slowly throughout the years the multi-port fuel injection was developed.

Multi-Port Fuel Injections

Multi-port Injectors have an injectior for each cylinder that is strategically placed to spray directly at the intake valve. A couple benefits of the new system are that there’s more accurate fuel metering and a quicker response rate. Along with these benefits, this system improves the following:

  • Cold starting
  • Amount of emissions released
  • Fuel economy and performance

Faulty Fuel Injections

Fuel injections are simply electronically controlled valves. If you know the warning signs of a faulty fuel injector, you can get your car into our location for us to look at before any long-term damage is done. Below are a few of the faulty injector warning signs, which may indicate you need to visit an auto repair shop immediately:

  • Rough idling
  • Poor performance
  • Substantial decrease in fuel efficiency
  • Sluggish, uneven acceleration
  • Misfiring
  • Debris in gas tank and/or engine

What We Do

After making an appointment with an ASE-Certified technician at one of our four convenient San Antonio locations, then it’s time to us study your automobile! The best way for an auto repair shop to tell the state of your fuel injections is to have your vehicle flow-tested. This process involves physically removing the injectors for thorough inspection and cleaning. We will then replace them if needed or reinstall them if they’re in good shape. Flow-tests potentially save the customer money if long-term damage has not already been done. This also allows our professional technicians to provide you with the exact state of your vehicle’s fuel system. Many auto repair shops in San Antonio are familiar with carburetor or injector services, our mechanics specialize in both.

We provide such great customer service that we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Not only do we have promotions for our customers, but we also provide free road tests, brake inspections, diagnostic tests, and external inspections.

To schedule an appointment with an auto repair shop technician, contact us today at any one of our San Antonio locations!

Maintenance San Antonio | Automotive Repair San Antonio

Total Care Automotive provides vehicle maintenance and automotive repair in San Antonio
At Total Care Automotive of San Antonio we care about both you and your vehicle. Regular maintenance for your vehicle is very important for it to remain running safely and in excellent shape. Our ASE-Certified technicians will work quickly and efficiently to make sure you get back on the road with your vehicle in tip-top shape. We guarantee trustworthiness and customer satisfaction, therefore we will work until you are fully satisfied.

What a Maintenance Consists Of

Our San Antonio repair shop technicians are proud to provide you with excellent service. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and leave you with satisfactory work. Since each vehicle is different, each maintenance will differ, but here is a list of the basic details one consists of:

  • Make sure registration is up-to-date
  • Check:
    • Oil and oil filter
    • Brake fluid
    • Windshield washer fluid
    • Battery fluid
    • Coolant
    • Power steering fluid
    • Transmission fluid
    • Timing belt and other belts
    • Main hoses
    • Fuses and lights throughout the vehicle
    • Air filter
    • Fuel filter
    • Brake pads
  • Rotate tires
  • Align wheels and check tire pressure
  • Adjust headlights

When Should You Maintenance Your Vehicle?

If you have never kept up on a regular vehicle maintenance schedule, our San Antonio maintenance shop technicians are more than happy to help you make sure your vehicle stays safe and running properly. Most owner’s manuals have a maintenance schedule in it, so you will want to take a look at yours if you still have it. Each make, model, and year varies on how often it should go in for maintenance. Some other major things that you will want to factor in are:

  • How often you travel per day
  • If you have taken any long trips
  • The climate you drive in – the San Antonio heat
  • Whether you drive city or highway and if you tow often

If you have any questions or want to find out when your next maintenance should be, contact us today.

Computer Diagnostics San Antonio

Total Care Automotive specializes in automotive computer diagnostics San Antonio. | BMW Repair
Have you recently had your “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light go on? Our ASE-Certified technicians are proud to provide you and your vehicle with a quality computer diagnostics check at our location in San Antonio. Our well-trained technicians work to diagnose any problems and fix them correctly the first time. All modern car models are now made with an onboard computer diagnostics system. This modern technology allows us to run a diagnostic computer scan to find out exactly where the problems are in a fairly short amount of time.

What Computer Diagnostics Tell You

Our computer diagnostics technicians are able to find problems associated with your vehicle’s major operating systems and power-train (engine and transmission). Below are some more in-depth issues/problems the scan will inform us of:

  1. Fuel or air problem
  2. Injector circuit issue
  3. Ignition problem or engine misfiring
  4. Emission control problem
  5. Vehicle speed or idle problem
  6. Computer or output circuit problem
  7. Transmission issues

How Computer Diagnostics Works

If you have one of those lights go off or just want you vehicle checked out, contact us to get an appointment with one of our technicians. Newer model vehicles have numerous modules which communicate faults to a central module, which we get the information from through the off-board computer diagnostics tool. Below is a list of some modules located in most vehicles, but remember, each vehicle is different.

  • ECU (Engine functions)
  • Airbag Module
  • Body Controller
  • Driver’s Door Module
  • Cruise Control Module
  • Instrument Panel
  • Climate Control Module
  • ABS Module
  • Transmission Controller
  • Power Distribution Box Module

After running the scan, our technicians are provided with codes that correlate with a specific part of the vehicle: “P” for power train, “B” for body, “C” for chassis, and “U” for undefined. The code also tells them if one of the numbered problems/issues mentioned above was found and where it is more specifically located. By using the computer diagnostics scan, it saves our technicians a lot of time and saves our customers money by reducing the labor cost in the end.

To check for computer diagnostics San Antonio coupons, click here.

San Antonio Tune-Up

Total Care Automotive tune-up | your dealership alternative for tune-up and Mercedes repair in San Antonio

San Antonio Tune-Up For Your Engine

The mechanics at Total Care Automotive know that a owning a Mercedes is a privilege as well as a responsibility. A finely tuned vehicle such as yours must be put in the hands of experienced Mercedes repair mechanics. Ours conveniently provide San Antonio tune-ups at four different locations that are ready to serve you when your Mercedes is in need of a tune-up. Keeping your luxury vehicle’s overall performance up by getting regular tune-ups is an important factor in making your vehicle last. By regularly tuning-up and consistently getting your Mercedes repaired in a timely manner, you can potentially avoid many major issues down the road. Our ASE-Certified technicians will thoroughly look over your vehicle and clean up and replace anything that seems to have issues, increasing both the overall performance and gas mileage of your vehicle. With our current economy, who wouldn’t want that?

San Antonio Tune-Up: How To Tell When

Here are some basic things you may notice if your Mercedes is in need of a tune-up:

  • If you have an older vehicle and it’s been about 30,000 miles since your last one
  • If you have a newer vehicle and you’re close to 100,000 miles
  • If your gas mileage has decreased
  • If your engine seems to be having issues: Such as your “Check Engine” light staying on or sudden stalling

Your Standard San Antonio Tune-Up

Our mechanics arduously inspect and analyze your automobile to determine which aspects of your Mercedes need repair:

  • Spark Plugs & Spark Plug Wire Sets: Combustion of the spark plugs is what causes your vehicle to move, therefore, by examining your current spark plugs, we are able to see how well your vehicle is performing and what issues there may be
  • Distributor Cap & Rotor: Both of these parts are plastic, therefore, they can crack or deteriorate, leading to corrosion from moisture
  • Filters: Oil Filter, Air Filter, PVC Breather Filter, Fuel Filter, and Automatic Transmission Filter
  • Vacuum Hoses: Hoses should be replaced as needed to insure that there are no leaks and your vehicle is functioning properly
  • Sensors: Oxygen (O2) Sensor and Temperature Sensors
  • Cleaning of the fuel injectors and fuel intake system: This important step removes dirt and other deposits that often build up and restrict fuel, effecting your engine responsiveness and performance

Our ASE-certified technicians are experienced in foreign parts and repairs, so you can rest assured that your Mercedes repair is in good hands. With all of these components inspected and taken care of, your Mercedes engine and fuel system will be clean, up-to-date, and have better performance.

Click here for a San Antonio tune-up coupon!

Want a free estimate or have a question? Contact us today!

Oil and Lube

The lifeblood of your vehicle

Oil and Lube In San Antonio

For world-class repairs, experienced technicians, low prices & promotions, visit Total Care Automotive to meet your oil and lube needs in San Antonio | Lexus Repair. For all your oil and lube needs, visit Total Care Automotive of San Antonio, TX today! We have been providing top notch auto repair and satisfied customer service to residents for years. We also work with foreign cars such as Lexus repair. 

Oil and Lube in San Antonio

How To Know When You Need A Change

Oil and lube compose the circulatory system of your car, making sure all parts function as smoothly and cooly as possible. Since it is easy to forget, many car owners neglect checking their oil and lube and in result, their vehicles don’t last nearly as long as they’re supposed to. Oil and lube are important because they reduce the temperature of your engine, making it less prone to overheating, and they also decrease friction of your motor resulting in your parts lasting longer.
You could put your car through a lot of unnecessary wear and tare if you never check your oil and lube. To check it yourself, simply pop your hood and check the dipstick, which is a long, thin rod with a handle that protrudes from your engine. If the dipstick is dark brown, dark orange, or black then it’s time to bring your vehicle in!
Our ASE-Certified technicians know that oil and lube are the lifeblood of your vehicle, so it’s critical to your vehicle that they be fresh so your engine can be in tip-top working condition. Each one of our technicians are 100% ASE certified, assuring our customers that we intend to hold ourselves to the highest standard of service. Many repair shops will put low quality products in your car so that you have to come back in 2,000 miles or less to reduce damage, but at Total Care Automotive the choice is yours. Our mechanics are so committed to keeping your car running smoothly that we offer an online coupon for a $5 oil and lube change. If you are a San Antonio resident, this is an offer you can not afford to pass up!

A Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to maintaining top tier auto repair and customer service has inspired us to provide a number of free services including:

  • free estimates
  • free towing
  • free diagnostics check
  • free brake check
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

We also offer our fast and reliable 24/7 emergency service in the greater San Antonio area. Total Care Automotive’s oil and lube service is unparalleled in the San Antonio locale. You can visit us online or in person to have your Automobile and Lexus repair needs met today!

AC Repair

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that

Auto AC Repair San Antonio

Is your  air conditioning not working properly? Total Care Automotive of San Antonio knows how hot Texas can get. Visit our convenient location for air conditioning repair in San Antonio and would be happy to service your vehicle. Our ASE-Certified technicians will thoroughly look over your vehicle’s AC system and fix or replace anything that seems to have issues. Along with our caring and excellent customer service, our specialists can expedite your VW repair with their extended experience in foreign model cars.

How To Tell If You Need AC Repair

Faulty air conditioning is a common problems on foreign and domestic models. VW has issued recalls for some of their models because of consistent AC flaws. Some of the more common parts of a vehicles AC system are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, pressure regulating devices, thermal expansion valve, and accumulator. All of these parts, plus some, work together to transform the warm air absorbed from inside the vehicle into cooled air. Here are some common issues that occur if your VW is in need of air conditioning repair:

  • The fan or blower isn’t blowing air out
  • The fan or blower is louder than usual
  • The air coming out isn’t to the temperature you have set

In order to actually determine what the exact issue is, you will need to bring your vehicle in (click here for hours) for a complete evaluation for an accurate diagnosis.

AC Evaluation and Repair

Before we do any auto ac repair, we conduct a thorough performance system check and inspection. This includes:

  • External check of all components: hoses, belts, and connections
  • Pressure readings
  • Leak and temperature tests
  • Clean condenser fins

Also, we may completely clean out your refrigerant and re-charge it in order for it to get back to its original performance. If needed, we can also provide a free estimate for any full service VW repair in San Antonio. This could be anything from needing a new water pump, radiator, or head gaskets to replacing your current thermostat.

If you have a vehicle made before 1995, we offer a retrofit service that allows you to use an inexpensive refrigerant rather than freon, which is expensive and hard to find anymore. For more information on the retrofit service, call us (210-828-8555) at any of our locations.

Click here for information concerning your VW repair San Antonio coupon or to view other coupons!

To schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair San Antonio or talk to a specialist, contact us, and we will be sure to provide you with the friendly, professional service you need!


Electrical Wiring

We can fine-tune your car

San Antonio Automotive Electrical Wiring | Foreign Auto Repair

Do you have an electrical wiring issue in your car? Total Care Automotive is a full-service car repair shop for all your mechanical and electrical needs | Foreign Auto Repair. Total Care Automotive is a full-service repair shop in San Antonio, TX. Since we are full-service, in addition to mechanical issues we are also equipped to fix electrical wiring problems with your automobile. There are many things to keep an eye out for when dealing with potentially faulty electrical wiring.

What To Look For

While many problems with your car will present themselves in an obvious fashion, electrical problems are generally more difficult to predict and locate. The early signs of electrical wiring issues could present themselves in the form of:

  • lighting fluctuations
  • turn signals blinking too quickly
  • your battery warning light turn on
  • simply your windows and mirrors not working quite right

Many drivers say the first sign they encountered was the smell of burning insulation coming from inside the car or behind the dashboard, often followed shortly by all electrical components (including power steering) shutting off without warning. The source of the problem may not present itself overtly, but prolonged avoidance of faulty electrical wiring can lead to a spontaneous short circuit, your battery dying, or worse.

What We Do

Electrical wiring problems could leave you without air conditioning in the summer, without a radio on a long drive, or without an airbag in a critical moment. Because small automobile problems can turn big so easily, we extend 24/7 emergency service to all San Antonio residents, providing free towing, diagnostics, estimates, and road tests.
Our ASE-Certified technicians know that it’s best to not take these chances. If you are a resident of San Antonio and have noticed any of the aforementioned symptoms of faulty electrical wiring in your vehicle, it might be time to visit with one of our technicians for a free estimate. We are known for our fast and friendly customer service, in addition to the many free services we offer with all repairs; including brake inspection, external inspection, and check-engine diagnostics. We know that car repairs are always stressful, so our mechanics vow to give you unbiased information and fair prices on all auto services electrical and mechanical, because your safety and well being are wrapped up in your car, and we want to make sure that it gets you where you’re going safely and for as long as possible.

Check here to find out about our current promotions, including a limited-time coupon for a reduced-price A/C service. If you’re in need of electrical wiring repair in San Antonio, call or visit us today for a free estimate and diagnostics test. We can even provide a foreign auto repair on cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and VW.

Brake Repair

We take care for your vehicle

Brake Check and Brake Repair in San Antonio

Are your brakes grinding? Visit Total Care Automotive, a full service car repair shop in San Antonio, for a brake check and brake repair
Are you in need of a brake check in San Antonio? Total Care Automotive is a full-service car repair shop. Call or visit us today to get your brake check in San Antonio. Maintaining your brakes is essential to you and your vehicle’s safety, and the life of your vehicle. Many drivers destroy the resale value and greatly shorten the lifespan of their vehicle simply by not knowing enough about maintaining their car. By keeping your eyes and ears open for a few simple signs, you can easily avoid the potential catastrophe that is bad brakes.

Pumping the Brakes

Before you know the signs of failing brakes, its important to know just how they work. Composed of four basic elements (a clamp, a pad, a rotor, and a line for fluid), brakes are simple in practice and in theory. The rotor is a smooth disc that spins with your tire. When you pump the brakes, the brake pad is forced against the rotor and friction slows your car down. On a general level, the clamp and fluid line will not wear down because the pad is widely regarded as the first line of defense. On many vehicles you can perform your own brake check by looking through the hubcap at the brake pad. If they appear worn down, it’s best to take your vehicle to our ASE-Certified mechanics for a free estimate and diagnostics test with every car repair.

Other Warning Signs

Your brakes have many ways of warning you when they need replacement, and sometimes, they’ll even tell you:

  • When your brake pads erode and wear down the metal beneath them they begin to press against the rotor, leading to a grinding noise every time you have to slow down
  • When it gets to the point where the metals scrape together, it often produces a “chirping” sound to let you know it’s time to check your brakes.
  • After a period of time the chirping will evolve into a grinding sound, and by this point your entire brake system may need replacement.

A Little About Us

Total Care Automotive’s ASE-certified technicians know that the sooner you deal with a problem, the easier it is to deal with. San Antonio residents attest to our fast, friendly, and thorough service. Total Care Automotive guarantees 100% satisfaction on your brake repair. You can check out our promotions on our coupons page, including a coupon for $50 off repairs of $300 or more.

Contact us or visit us today at (210) 828-8555 for car repair and brake check in San Antonio.

Rebuilds & Overhauls

We can take a look under the hood

Rebuilt Engines in San Antonio | Visit the Best Engine Rebuilders Around

From overhauls to rebuilt engines in San Antonio, the experienced engine rebuilders at Total Care Automotive make it your one-stop-shop for auto repairs
Are you in need of an overhaul or rebuilt engine? Your engine is the very core of your automobile. Its specifications determine all critical aspects of your car, from miles-to-the-gallon to acceleration. To have work done by anyone but the most patient, experienced mechanics could result in a decrease in fuel efficiency, overheating, or many other potential problems caused by misaligned specifications. At Total Care Automotive of San Antonio, our ASE-certified engine rebuilders will spend the time necessary to make sure your overhaul or rebuild is done as correctly and efficiently as can be.

About Your Engine

It is generally pretty easy to tell when your engine needs work, but often by the time it tells you what the problem is, it is too late for a quick fix. The most effective way to prevent prolonged damage to is to always take your automobile to a repair shop for a diagnostics test the moment your “check engine” light turns on. This will assure that, no matter the scale of the problem, you can at least be aware of what’s going on with your vehicle. In addition, our engine rebuilders give a free diagnostics test with every repair to assure the highest standard of service in the San Antonio area.

What To Look For

There are quite a few indications of engine problems, but the most common is smoke. Engine smoke comes in various colors, and each color can help clue you into what the problem is:

  • White smoke is usually caused by coolant and water flooding the combustion chamber, and typically indicates a damaged cylinder head or blown gasket.
  • Blue smoke is indicative of burning oil, which could be caused by breakage in one of many places in the engine.
  • Black smoke indicates that your engine is not getting the correct fuel to oxygen ratio in the combustion chamber, the cure for which could be as easy as cleaning the fuel injectors, or as difficult as a complete engine overhaul.

In addition, if you notice a significant decrease in performance and stability of your vehicle, or crunching and grinding noises coming from the engine, you may be in need of an overhaul or a complete engine rebuild.

Helping You Make the Right Decision

Our ASE-Certified mechanics are experienced engine rebuilders, and are dedicated to keeping your car running as long as possible. If your repairs are simple we will give you a basic overhaul, which entails taking it apart, finding the problem and replacing it with parts tuned to high end modern specifications. If the damage is too severe you may need to look at rebuilt engines in San Antonio, which would require the patient documentation of engine specifications and the experience of professionals to help you find or build the right one.

Regardless of your automotive needs, Total Care Automotive is the best choice for San Antonio residents. Contact or visit us today for a free estimate. Also, check out our coupons page for current promotions!

Your vehicle’s fluids perform two very important functions: Lubricating and cleaning.


Just like your engine oil, Transmission fluid should be changed at regular intervals. Our Transmission fluid service will lubricate and clean the internal transmission parts and maximize the life of your transmission. For newer vehicles this will aid in preventing premature wear, damage, and future costly repairs as well as maintaining your vehicle’s major parts warranty.

Failing to service your transmission may allow dirt and contaminants to build up, allowing problems to develop up over time. Sadly transmission fluid is rarely changed as preventive maintenance, and is often the cause of premature transmission failure. Considering the expense of replacing your transmission, changing the fluid and filter regularly is quick and cost efficient. Click here to schedule a fluid check up at our shop today!