Oil and Lube

The lifeblood of your vehicle

Oil and Lube In San Antonio

For world-class repairs, experienced technicians, low prices & promotions, visit Total Care Automotive to meet your oil and lube needs in San Antonio | Lexus Repair. For all your oil and lube needs, visit Total Care Automotive of San Antonio, TX today! We have been providing top notch auto repair and satisfied customer service to residents for years. We also work with foreign cars such as Lexus repair. 

Oil and Lube in San Antonio

How To Know When You Need A Change

Oil and lube compose the circulatory system of your car, making sure all parts function as smoothly and cooly as possible. Since it is easy to forget, many car owners neglect checking their oil and lube and in result, their vehicles don’t last nearly as long as they’re supposed to. Oil and lube are important because they reduce the temperature of your engine, making it less prone to overheating, and they also decrease friction of your motor resulting in your parts lasting longer.
You could put your car through a lot of unnecessary wear and tare if you never check your oil and lube. To check it yourself, simply pop your hood and check the dipstick, which is a long, thin rod with a handle that protrudes from your engine. If the dipstick is dark brown, dark orange, or black then it’s time to bring your vehicle in!
Our ASE-Certified technicians know that oil and lube are the lifeblood of your vehicle, so it’s critical to your vehicle that they be fresh so your engine can be in tip-top working condition. Each one of our technicians are 100% ASE certified, assuring our customers that we intend to hold ourselves to the highest standard of service. Many repair shops will put low quality products in your car so that you have to come back in 2,000 miles or less to reduce damage, but at Total Care Automotive the choice is yours. Our mechanics are so committed to keeping your car running smoothly that we offer an online coupon for a $5 oil and lube change. If you are a San Antonio resident, this is an offer you can not afford to pass up!

A Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to maintaining top tier auto repair and customer service has inspired us to provide a number of free services including:

  • free estimates
  • free towing
  • free diagnostics check
  • free brake check
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

We also offer our fast and reliable 24/7 emergency service in the greater San Antonio area. Total Care Automotive’s oil and lube service is unparalleled in the San Antonio locale. You can visit us online or in person to have your Automobile and Lexus repair needs met today!