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Auto AC Repair San Antonio

Is your  air conditioning not working properly? Total Care Automotive of San Antonio knows how hot Texas can get. Visit our convenient location for air conditioning repair in San Antonio and would be happy to service your vehicle. Our ASE-Certified technicians will thoroughly look over your vehicle’s AC system and fix or replace anything that seems to have issues. Along with our caring and excellent customer service, our specialists can expedite your VW repair with their extended experience in foreign model cars.

How To Tell If You Need AC Repair

Faulty air conditioning is a common problems on foreign and domestic models. VW has issued recalls for some of their models because of consistent AC flaws. Some of the more common parts of a vehicles AC system are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, pressure regulating devices, thermal expansion valve, and accumulator. All of these parts, plus some, work together to transform the warm air absorbed from inside the vehicle into cooled air. Here are some common issues that occur if your VW is in need of air conditioning repair:

  • The fan or blower isn’t blowing air out
  • The fan or blower is louder than usual
  • The air coming out isn’t to the temperature you have set

In order to actually determine what the exact issue is, you will need to bring your vehicle in (click here for hours) for a complete evaluation for an accurate diagnosis.

AC Evaluation and Repair

Before we do any auto ac repair, we conduct a thorough performance system check and inspection. This includes:

  • External check of all components: hoses, belts, and connections
  • Pressure readings
  • Leak and temperature tests
  • Clean condenser fins

Also, we may completely clean out your refrigerant and re-charge it in order for it to get back to its original performance. If needed, we can also provide a free estimate for any full service VW repair in San Antonio. This could be anything from needing a new water pump, radiator, or head gaskets to replacing your current thermostat.

If you have a vehicle made before 1995, we offer a retrofit service that allows you to use an inexpensive refrigerant rather than freon, which is expensive and hard to find anymore. For more information on the retrofit service, call us (210-828-8555) at any of our locations.

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To schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair San Antonio or talk to a specialist, contact us, and we will be sure to provide you with the friendly, professional service you need!