Carburetor Repair in San Antonio | Clutch Repair & Transmission Repair

A bad carburetor means a bad engine. If you’re a San Antonio resident in need of carburetor repair, clutch repair, or transmission repair visit Total Care Automotive today!
A bad carburetor means a bad engine. At Total Care Automotive, knowing your carburetor is but one of the specialty services we provide to our customers in the San Antonio area.

What is the Carburetor?

The carburetor has been around since the inception of the internal combustion engine, and has undergone relatively little adaptation since. In short, the function of it is to give the engine the right mixture of fuel and air, resulting in a combustion that maximizes potential energy but is controllable. The carburetor was replaced with direct fuel injecting and the catalytic converter in the late 1980’s in an attempt by the United States to reduce the auto industry’s carbon footprint. What that means is many younger mechanics will be inexperienced or unfamiliar with the technology associated with the carb and the delicate process of cleaning, fixing, and maintaining it.
So when your clunker needs routine maintenance, you might want to be aware that some repair shops are more equipped to deal with older cars than others. The mechanics at Total Care Automotive are well versed in the dealings of aged vehicles. With us, San Antonio residents can be rest assured that their automobile is in the hands of experienced professionals, no matter the age, make, or model. The carburetor is a key component of a transmission repair and a clutch repair.

What To Look For

There are many signs that your carburetor might need cleaning, maintenance, or replacement. Below are a few of the major signs:

  • If you’ve noticed that your vehicle is getting less miles-to-the-gallon than previously observed, it might mean that your float valve (the part of the carburetor that regulates fuel intake and outtake) is miscalculated
  • If you have trouble starting your car at all
  • If your car hesitates or “stumbles” while accelerating, it may be a sign that your carburetor is dirty and needs cleaning

What We Do

At Total Care Automotive, our technicians will give you an honest-to-goodness analysis of your vehicle, tell you what specifically needs work, and give you a free estimate. We offer promotions including $50 off every repair over $300, and since all of our mechanics are ASE-certified, our customers can be at ease in the knowledge that their automobile is in the right hands no matter what the problem is.

Come by today for a free diagnostics test and external inspection with every repair. Find us online or visit us at our location in greater San Antonio.