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Do you have an electrical wiring issue in your car? Total Care Automotive is a full-service car repair shop for all your mechanical and electrical needs | Foreign Auto Repair. Total Care Automotive is a full-service repair shop in San Antonio, TX. Since we are full-service, in addition to mechanical issues we are also equipped to fix electrical wiring problems with your automobile. There are many things to keep an eye out for when dealing with potentially faulty electrical wiring.

What To Look For

While many problems with your car will present themselves in an obvious fashion, electrical problems are generally more difficult to predict and locate. The early signs of electrical wiring issues could present themselves in the form of:

  • lighting fluctuations
  • turn signals blinking too quickly
  • your battery warning light turn on
  • simply your windows and mirrors not working quite right

Many drivers say the first sign they encountered was the smell of burning insulation coming from inside the car or behind the dashboard, often followed shortly by all electrical components (including power steering) shutting off without warning. The source of the problem may not present itself overtly, but prolonged avoidance of faulty electrical wiring can lead to a spontaneous short circuit, your battery dying, or worse.

What We Do

Electrical wiring problems could leave you without air conditioning in the summer, without a radio on a long drive, or without an airbag in a critical moment. Because small automobile problems can turn big so easily, we extend 24/7 emergency service to all San Antonio residents, providing free towing, diagnostics, estimates, and road tests.
Our ASE-Certified technicians know that it’s best to not take these chances. If you are a resident of San Antonio and have noticed any of the aforementioned symptoms of faulty electrical wiring in your vehicle, it might be time to visit with one of our technicians for a free estimate. We are known for our fast and friendly customer service, in addition to the many free services we offer with all repairs; including brake inspection, external inspection, and check-engine diagnostics. We know that car repairs are always stressful, so our mechanics vow to give you unbiased information and fair prices on all auto services electrical and mechanical, because your safety and well being are wrapped up in your car, and we want to make sure that it gets you where you’re going safely and for as long as possible.

Check here to find out about our current promotions, including a limited-time coupon for a reduced-price A/C service. If you’re in need of electrical wiring repair in San Antonio, call or visit us today for a free estimate and diagnostics test. We can even provide a foreign auto repair on cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and VW.