Computer Diagnostics San Antonio

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Have you recently had your “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light go on? Our ASE-Certified technicians are proud to provide you and your vehicle with a quality computer diagnostics check at our location in San Antonio. Our well-trained technicians work to diagnose any problems and fix them correctly the first time. All modern car models are now made with an onboard computer diagnostics system. This modern technology allows us to run a diagnostic computer scan to find out exactly where the problems are in a fairly short amount of time.

What Computer Diagnostics Tell You

Our computer diagnostics technicians are able to find problems associated with your vehicle’s major operating systems and power-train (engine and transmission). Below are some more in-depth issues/problems the scan will inform us of:

  1. Fuel or air problem
  2. Injector circuit issue
  3. Ignition problem or engine misfiring
  4. Emission control problem
  5. Vehicle speed or idle problem
  6. Computer or output circuit problem
  7. Transmission issues

How Computer Diagnostics Works

If you have one of those lights go off or just want you vehicle checked out, contact us to get an appointment with one of our technicians. Newer model vehicles have numerous modules which communicate faults to a central module, which we get the information from through the off-board computer diagnostics tool. Below is a list of some modules located in most vehicles, but remember, each vehicle is different.

  • ECU (Engine functions)
  • Airbag Module
  • Body Controller
  • Driver’s Door Module
  • Cruise Control Module
  • Instrument Panel
  • Climate Control Module
  • ABS Module
  • Transmission Controller
  • Power Distribution Box Module

After running the scan, our technicians are provided with codes that correlate with a specific part of the vehicle: “P” for power train, “B” for body, “C” for chassis, and “U” for undefined. The code also tells them if one of the numbered problems/issues mentioned above was found and where it is more specifically located. By using the computer diagnostics scan, it saves our technicians a lot of time and saves our customers money by reducing the labor cost in the end.

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