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Are your brakes grinding? Visit Total Care Automotive, a full service car repair shop in San Antonio, for a brake check and brake repair
Are you in need of a brake check in San Antonio? Total Care Automotive is a full-service car repair shop. Call or visit us today to get your brake check in San Antonio. Maintaining your brakes is essential to you and your vehicle’s safety, and the life of your vehicle. Many drivers destroy the resale value and greatly shorten the lifespan of their vehicle simply by not knowing enough about maintaining their car. By keeping your eyes and ears open for a few simple signs, you can easily avoid the potential catastrophe that is bad brakes.

Pumping the Brakes

Before you know the signs of failing brakes, its important to know just how they work. Composed of four basic elements (a clamp, a pad, a rotor, and a line for fluid), brakes are simple in practice and in theory. The rotor is a smooth disc that spins with your tire. When you pump the brakes, the brake pad is forced against the rotor and friction slows your car down. On a general level, the clamp and fluid line will not wear down because the pad is widely regarded as the first line of defense. On many vehicles you can perform your own brake check by looking through the hubcap at the brake pad. If they appear worn down, it’s best to take your vehicle to our ASE-Certified mechanics for a free estimate and diagnostics test with every car repair.

Other Warning Signs

Your brakes have many ways of warning you when they need replacement, and sometimes, they’ll even tell you:

  • When your brake pads erode and wear down the metal beneath them they begin to press against the rotor, leading to a grinding noise every time you have to slow down
  • When it gets to the point where the metals scrape together, it often produces a “chirping” sound to let you know it’s time to check your brakes.
  • After a period of time the chirping will evolve into a grinding sound, and by this point your entire brake system may need replacement.

A Little About Us

Total Care Automotive’s ASE-certified technicians know that the sooner you deal with a problem, the easier it is to deal with. San Antonio residents attest to our fast, friendly, and thorough service. Total Care Automotive guarantees 100% satisfaction on your brake repair. You can check out our promotions on our coupons page, including a coupon for $50 off repairs of $300 or more.

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