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From overhauls to rebuilt engines in San Antonio, the experienced engine rebuilders at Total Care Automotive make it your one-stop-shop for auto repairs
Are you in need of an overhaul or rebuilt engine? Your engine is the very core of your automobile. Its specifications determine all critical aspects of your car, from miles-to-the-gallon to acceleration. To have work done by anyone but the most patient, experienced mechanics could result in a decrease in fuel efficiency, overheating, or many other potential problems caused by misaligned specifications. At Total Care Automotive of San Antonio, our ASE-certified engine rebuilders will spend the time necessary to make sure your overhaul or rebuild is done as correctly and efficiently as can be.

About Your Engine

It is generally pretty easy to tell when your engine needs work, but often by the time it tells you what the problem is, it is too late for a quick fix. The most effective way to prevent prolonged damage to is to always take your automobile to a repair shop for a diagnostics test the moment your “check engine” light turns on. This will assure that, no matter the scale of the problem, you can at least be aware of what’s going on with your vehicle. In addition, our engine rebuilders give a free diagnostics test with every repair to assure the highest standard of service in the San Antonio area.

What To Look For

There are quite a few indications of engine problems, but the most common is smoke. Engine smoke comes in various colors, and each color can help clue you into what the problem is:

  • White smoke is usually caused by coolant and water flooding the combustion chamber, and typically indicates a damaged cylinder head or blown gasket.
  • Blue smoke is indicative of burning oil, which could be caused by breakage in one of many places in the engine.
  • Black smoke indicates that your engine is not getting the correct fuel to oxygen ratio in the combustion chamber, the cure for which could be as easy as cleaning the fuel injectors, or as difficult as a complete engine overhaul.

In addition, if you notice a significant decrease in performance and stability of your vehicle, or crunching and grinding noises coming from the engine, you may be in need of an overhaul or a complete engine rebuild.

Helping You Make the Right Decision

Our ASE-Certified mechanics are experienced engine rebuilders, and are dedicated to keeping your car running as long as possible. If your repairs are simple we will give you a basic overhaul, which entails taking it apart, finding the problem and replacing it with parts tuned to high end modern specifications. If the damage is too severe you may need to look at rebuilt engines in San Antonio, which would require the patient documentation of engine specifications and the experience of professionals to help you find or build the right one.

Regardless of your automotive needs, Total Care Automotive is the best choice for San Antonio residents. Contact or visit us today for a free estimate. Also, check out our coupons page for current promotions!