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San Antonio Tune-Up For Your Engine

The mechanics at Total Care Automotive know that a owning a Mercedes is a privilege as well as a responsibility. A finely tuned vehicle such as yours must be put in the hands of experienced Mercedes repair mechanics. Ours conveniently provide San Antonio tune-ups at four different locations that are ready to serve you when your Mercedes is in need of a tune-up. Keeping your luxury vehicle’s overall performance up by getting regular tune-ups is an important factor in making your vehicle last. By regularly tuning-up and consistently getting your Mercedes repaired in a timely manner, you can potentially avoid many major issues down the road. Our ASE-Certified technicians will thoroughly look over your vehicle and clean up and replace anything that seems to have issues, increasing both the overall performance and gas mileage of your vehicle. With our current economy, who wouldn’t want that?

San Antonio Tune-Up: How To Tell When

Here are some basic things you may notice if your Mercedes is in need of a tune-up:

  • If you have an older vehicle and it’s been about 30,000 miles since your last one
  • If you have a newer vehicle and you’re close to 100,000 miles
  • If your gas mileage has decreased
  • If your engine seems to be having issues: Such as your “Check Engine” light staying on or sudden stalling

Your Standard San Antonio Tune-Up

Our mechanics arduously inspect and analyze your automobile to determine which aspects of your Mercedes need repair:

  • Spark Plugs & Spark Plug Wire Sets: Combustion of the spark plugs is what causes your vehicle to move, therefore, by examining your current spark plugs, we are able to see how well your vehicle is performing and what issues there may be
  • Distributor Cap & Rotor: Both of these parts are plastic, therefore, they can crack or deteriorate, leading to corrosion from moisture
  • Filters: Oil Filter, Air Filter, PVC Breather Filter, Fuel Filter, and Automatic Transmission Filter
  • Vacuum Hoses: Hoses should be replaced as needed to insure that there are no leaks and your vehicle is functioning properly
  • Sensors: Oxygen (O2) Sensor and Temperature Sensors
  • Cleaning of the fuel injectors and fuel intake system: This important step removes dirt and other deposits that often build up and restrict fuel, effecting your engine responsiveness and performance

Our ASE-certified technicians are experienced in foreign parts and repairs, so you can rest assured that your Mercedes repair is in good hands. With all of these components inspected and taken care of, your Mercedes engine and fuel system will be clean, up-to-date, and have better performance.

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