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Although we are a full-service auto repair shop, fuel injection services are one of our specialties here at Total Care Automotive of San Antonio. All modern vehicles in the United States today have been made with fuel injection systems, and they are a vital part of making any vehicle run correctly. Before fuel injections, vehicles used complex, five-circuit carburetors. Slowly throughout the years the multi-port fuel injection was developed.

Multi-Port Fuel Injections

Multi-port Injectors have an injectior for each cylinder that is strategically placed to spray directly at the intake valve. A couple benefits of the new system are that there’s more accurate fuel metering and a quicker response rate. Along with these benefits, this system improves the following:

  • Cold starting
  • Amount of emissions released
  • Fuel economy and performance

Faulty Fuel Injections

Fuel injections are simply electronically controlled valves. If you know the warning signs of a faulty fuel injector, you can get your car into our location for us to look at before any long-term damage is done. Below are a few of the faulty injector warning signs, which may indicate you need to visit an auto repair shop immediately:

  • Rough idling
  • Poor performance
  • Substantial decrease in fuel efficiency
  • Sluggish, uneven acceleration
  • Misfiring
  • Debris in gas tank and/or engine

What We Do

After making an appointment with an ASE-Certified technician at one of our four convenient San Antonio locations, then it’s time to us study your automobile! The best way for an auto repair shop to tell the state of your fuel injections is to have your vehicle flow-tested. This process involves physically removing the injectors for thorough inspection and cleaning. We will then replace them if needed or reinstall them if they’re in good shape. Flow-tests potentially save the customer money if long-term damage has not already been done. This also allows our professional technicians to provide you with the exact state of your vehicle’s fuel system. Many auto repair shops in San Antonio are familiar with carburetor or injector services, our mechanics specialize in both.

We provide such great customer service that we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Not only do we have promotions for our customers, but we also provide free road tests, brake inspections, diagnostic tests, and external inspections.

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